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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Windows 9 -The next generation

                                  Windows 9 -The next generation
                Users who hoped to see an improvement in the way Windows looks like have now turned their attention to windows 9, the upcoming full version of the operating system that’s expected to be launched next year.


Windows 9: No Charms bar

Winbeta claims that in Windows 9, Microsoft will do away with the Charms bar – that menu which pops in from the right with buttons like search, share, start and settings. However, the site is talking about Windows 9 on the desktop as the feature will remain as it is on tablets.


If you're wondering what the new regime will be, Winbeta said: "One method that we heard about that stands out is having a button up near the window controls that once pressed, would reveal the Search, Share, Devices and Settings charms from the top of the window (there's no need for a Start Button for desktop users in the charms.)"

While there’s evidence that Windows 9 is a work in progress at Microsoft, Redmond has remained completely tight-lipped on this project, so there are no clear details on the operating system.

And still, designers have been hard at work to create concepts that envision the upcoming Windows 9, a release that’s expected to address some of the complaints targeting Windows 8’s visual elements.

Most of these concepts comprise a fully featured Start button that actually launches a Start Menu, so it’s pretty obvious that users still hope to see such an option returning to their desktop operating systems.

Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen, as Microsoft has already pledged to keep the Start screen in future Windows releases.

The Start screen is here to stay, Microsoft’s outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer said with several occasions, while adding that it’s only just a matter of time until people really get used to it.

Other concepts go for a mix of the Modern UI and the traditional desktop, leading to beautiful designs more or less inspired by other platforms out there, such as Mac OS X and Linux.

Unfortunately for all of us, chances are that Redmond will completely ignore all these concepts, as Windows 9 is very likely to adopt the same design style as it predecessor.

Sources claim that Windows 9 will stick to the flat look, so no Aero effects, while the Modern UI will still be there for touch-capable devices.

Windows 9 is going to launch before july 2015

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