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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Guide to Enable calling feature on whatsapp

Guide to  Enable calling feature on whatsapp

Hi everyone whatsappp has announced the calling feature about an year ago.Now  they start rolling out this feature but it is still  in beta versio ,so it's not out for the public yet.But there is a way  to enable it ( credits to shashanksetty@xda )
let's get started.

1)Root access( Non rooted users cann`t get this feature at this moment )
2) whatsapp (version 2.11.508 or up ) .If u are using older version of whatsapp ,download latest version here
3) Terminal emulator application(available in play store)
1) Make sure you have the right version of whatsapp
2) Open terminal emulator in your android phone
3) Type  the following code in the terminal emulator

4) open the terminal emulator app and type the following code
  • Type " su"  it will ask permission to gain root access
  • Again root access type "am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity"and press enter
  • After pressing enter , the whatsapp application will automatically open with new calling feature enabled
1) if you want to call someone, the other person must have done the same thing (enabled this feature) in order for that person to receive your call
2)Sometimes the feature may disappear after closing whatsapp for few times.In that case do the above steps again 

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