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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Who Visit Your Facebook Profile

Who Visit Your Facebook Profile
Find Out Who Visited Your Facebook Profile :

  1. First of all, Go your Facebook Profile.
  2. Now Press Ctrl + U from your keyboard.
  3. View your Source Code of your profile page.
  4. Now press Ctrl + F from your keyboard to open search box.
  5. Now search this code [],{“list”:
  6. You find some Facebook Profile Ids
  7. There are some Facebook Profile Ids of your friends who visited recently.
  8. Show first Facebook Profile Id is mostly active and mostly visited your facebook profile and show last Facebook Profile Id is inactive and visited few times to your facebook profile.
  9. Now if your want to findout, Open a new tab Enter below link : Profile Id
  10. Now replace Facebook Profile Id with facebook profile id.
For Example :, I find this person mostly visited my profile
In this way you findout who visited your facebook profile without using any application, I hope you like this trick, You may also share this trick with your friends

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