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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Add extra features to WhatsApp using WhatsAppX

Here comes a new xposed module WhatsAppX which allows us to add more features to our favorite WhatsApp Android application. Some of the feature that is currently available with the WhatsAppX are
  1. Per Contact Wallpaper

Personalize your chats by applying individual wallpapers to each of your contacts.
  1. Lock Contacts

Lock selected chats with pin-protection.
  1. Hide Message Preview

Hide the message preview displayed on the main screen of whatsapp (also for selected contacts)
  1. Save Favorites

Add important messages to WhatsAppX so you don’t have to scroll through your whole chat history

Things that you need:

  • A rooted android phone.
  • SQLite3 is required in order for this module to work. But you don’t have to worry because this come preinstalled in most of the devices. If not in your mobile then you have to install SQLite Installer for Root(Kindly Install  it  if whatAppX doesn`t work).
  • Xposed Framework and WhatsAppX xposed
  • Downloads :



Step 1: Setting up Xposed Framework.

Most of you would already have Xposed Framework installed in your android device. So let’s make it short.
Install the Xposed Framework in your android phone with Super User rights.
installing xposed framework
Installing Xposed Framework

Step 2: Installing WhatsAppX xposed module

Click Download section in the Xposed installer and search for “WhatsAppX” and download the latest version
After installing head to the Modules session of the Xposed installer and put a tick over the check box of the WhatsAppX.
Installing WhatsAppX xposed module
Installing WhatsAppX xposed module
Now go to the Framework session of the Xposed installer and click soft reboot to activate the module.

Step 3: SQLite3 (It is preinstalled in most of the devices)

Search for SQLite Installer for Root in the play store and install it.
After installing the application it will ask you the version to install, select the latest version and click GO. The application will ask for super user permission (root access) permit it.

Installing SQLite
Installing SQLite


Step 4: Personalizing the WhatsApp as you like.

Open the WhatsAppX module and select the features that you want to add to your WhatsApp applicaton.
Restart your WhatsApp (stop the application and start it) your new features will be shown next to the group or contact icon.
Personalizing the WhatsApp as you like
Personalizing the WhatsApp as you like
Now you can
  • Lock a particular contacts conversation to increase your privacy.
  • Add separate wallpaper to each contacts or group.
  • Replace the selfie button with a favorite icon.
  • Hide preview of the conversations
  • Save messages
  • Add remainder for a particular contact
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