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Thursday, 9 April 2015

How to Create your own Boot Animation (Rooted Devices)

This tutorial will cover all the essential steps necessary to create your very own boot animation for your mobile phone.

Generally, you will see that you might get bored with the default or the factory boot animation of your mobile phone. Seeing the animation over and over again. Want to change something. Well, you can change it if you follow this guide properly. By the end of this article, you will have created your own boot animation and implemented on your mobile phone.

Tools Needed to create Boot Animation

Of course the boot animation will not fall from the sky – you will need to create it using different tools. The first thing that you will need is a photo editing tool like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Pro in which you can create your own custom image that you will use in boot animation.
A text editor, although you can use anyone that you like.
A WinRAR that will make .zip file for you of the boot animation that you will create so that you can put it in your mobile phone.

Let’s Do this!

1. First of all, create two folders on your desktop with the names part0 and part1.

2. In the first folder, you will put those images of the boot animation that will appear only once during the whole boot animation.

3. In second folder, you will put those images that will be repeated the number of times you will specify. Remember, all the images should be in .PNG or .JPG format otherwise it won’t work.


4. Now, using any text editor, create a info.txt file write the following code in it:

320 480 30
p 1 0 part0
p 0 0 part1


5. In the first line, 320 480 is the resolution of the boot animation. You can set it accordingly. The next number, 30, is the speed at which the boot animation will be played. You can change it as well.

6. The second line will set the properties for part0 folder that you created. The first digit, 1, will tell how much time the images in that folder will be repeated which is in this case only once. The next digit, 0, will tell how much delay will be there between each image which is zero right now.

7. The third like will set the properties for the part1 folder. Similarly, the first number, 0, will set the number of times images will be repeated which is infinite as 0 represents an infinite loop The second digit is for the delay which is set to 0.

8. After that above three lines, press ENTER to create a new line at the end and save this text file. Remember, this has to be done otherwise it won’t work properly.

9. Now select all three, part0, part1, info.txt and zip them using Store compression method. After zipping, check if it has thumbs.db file created. If it is, then delete it and zip it again.

10. Download Root Explorer from the market. Rename the zip file to bootanimation without space. Save it on SD card.

11. Open Root Explorer and copy this zip file to /system/media.

12. Reboot your phone.

12. Reboot your phone.
CONGRATULATIONS! You got yourself a new boot animation. If you found this tutorial useful don’t forget to share this post .contact senthil( for any queries

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